September Recap

Hello everyone!

Thank you for such a successful first meeting. We’re so grateful for the support and interest and dedication and community and friendship that was felt this past Sunday. It’s so exciting! And such a fruitful conversation about Pullman’s The Golden Compass.

Below you’ll find a list of key words, phrases, and ideas I picked up from out first meeting, to keep your minds churning. I encourage you to post comments and questions here in this recap post, and please message me. I only wrote down so much and would love to add to the list. Thanks again!

– Russell


  • Astrology
    • monkey (coulter) and tiger (asriel) are opposing
  • Characterization
    • Coulter
      • small iota of power/agency
      • does whatever she can
      • does she actually believe in the church?
    • Lyra
      • she IS well-written
      • she is NOT well-written
      • male gaze/voice
      • androgynous
      • she works with her demon while others seem more seperate
    • The Bears
  • Literary Aspects / Themes
    • relationship to Paradise Lost
      • soaring similes
    • free will vs. destiny
      • go north = go west
      • not doing what you feel like you have to
    • dark vs. light
      • not a balance but a meddling
    • science vs. religion
      • sexuality is bad!
      • dust = sin
      • intercision, soul-splitting, release of energy
    • finding / defining yourself



One thought on “September Recap

  1. *epic similes, not soaring. I believe that it would be intellectually lucrative to search for further metaphors and similes in future books and compare them to these kinds of devices, as these are the kinds of literary devices that have influenced much of Western literature. That could reveal some interesting things about influences, roots, etc.


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